~ New Book Release ~

Awaken, Priestess!

Deva Vidya encourages you to "Awaken, Priestess!" exploring ways in which women were led astray, causing them to forget who they were while taking on roles, beliefs, thoughts and paradigms not of their true nature. Deva leads the seeker on the Sacred Path of the Priestess, revealing her power of intuition, healing and manifestation. Awakening to her Divine Nature, she remembers the wisdom of her ancestors, her connection to nature and the spiritual world. Developing self-love, she reclaims her power and steps in her birthright and sacred role as Priestess. In this book, you will learn sacred rites and ceremony; prayers and invocations; how to create sacred altars and clear unwanted energy. You will develop your innate gifts of intuition and healing while stepping into your role as the Holy Vessel for the Divine Mother to speak, sing and move through.

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