My Walk on the Sacred Path

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Deva Vidya 


Priestess; Way Shower; Yoga Teacher/Therapist; Intuitive Healer; Reiki Master/Teacher; Spiritual Growth Guide; Published Author; Seer; Minister; Sacred Song Artist

Deva Vidya is Priestess of the Way of the Sacred Feminine, as a channel she brings the Divine Feminine into physical form. She is a Multidimensional, Intuitive Healer and Seer. She is a trained and certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Access Consciousness Facilitator. She guides her clients, in individual and group sessions, accessing the multidimensional parts of Self through shamanic journey, sound and Light Language to healing and re-alignment.


Deva is also the published author of Awaken, Priestess! and the creator of its accompanying CD of the same name which encourage the reader/listener to reclaim her innate power and wisdom. 


Deva co-writes and performs conscious music and lyrics with Sharon Silverstien for Way of the Sacred. She has previously released "As One" a kirtan CD with her former band, One Voice, One Prayer. 


Deva has led mantra circles and kirtans, taught yoga and facilitated energy healing workshops since 2004. She is the creator of Primal Yoga, Goddess Yoga, Shape Shifting Yoga and Earthly Elements Yoga.  


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